10 Ethical & Sustainable Brands that We Love

Discover some of our favorite brands that are paving the way for sustainability and eco-conscious shopping. 


ALOHAS is a slow fashion brand that promotes sustainable production and responsible shopping. Their on-demand schedule allows you to pre-order next season’s must-haves at a discount, which means you get first dibs on the hottest trends without any of the wasteful overproduction. ALOHAS is so dedicated to the sustainable fashion movement, they oversee all production in Alicante, Spain — where every piece is hand-made — thereby guaranteeing the quality of their products, decreasing their carbon footprint, and ensuring fair labor practices.

2. Indosole

Indosole is on a mission to become the most responsible footwear company in the world by delivering high-quality and eco-friendly footwear for travel, adventure & lifestyle. As a certified B Corp, Indosole puts purpose, people, and the planet at the forefront of everything they do. Their sandals, slides, and flip flops are made from ethically sourced natural materials and upcycled tire waste in an effort to reduce the nearly 1 billion tires that end up in landfills annually. 

3. Ananday

Unlike most yoga products, Ananday’s plastic-free, non-toxic yoga accessories are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Designed to support both your body and the planet, these yoga mats are made with natural materials including cork, jute, and tree rubber. Ananday also partners with Trees for the Future to plant trees for every product sold in areas of the world that have been severely impacted by deforestation.

4. Prima

Discover Prima’s pure, potent hemp and botanical-based products for skincare, therapeutic bodycare, and holistic wellness. Driven by science, Prima uses 100% natural and clean ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free. To lessen their environmental impact, they use glass and recyclable packaging and are completely carbon neutral across all operations. Prima furthers their mission by donating 1% of their profits annually to wellness and environmental nonprofit partners.

5. aexae

Aexae is a climate neutral and sustainable swimwear company that is dedicated to preserving the environment that inspires their designs. Their swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and waste from landfills and oceans and their resort wear is made from natural, biodegradable linen. Aexae also uses packaging made from plant-based and biodegradable materials like cornstarch and wheat. Additionally, through a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a mangrove tree is planted in Madagascar for every order placed.


SAMARA is a 100% cruelty-free fashion house run by an all female team on a mission to source the best materials and create timeless pieces. They’re constantly innovating with sustainable materials to create vegan leather bags out of apples, sunglasses from castor seeds, backpacks from recycled ocean plastics, and loungewear from bamboo. A portion of SAMARA’s profits go to their partner nonprofit The Soular Backpack which provides children in East Africa with a solar panel outfitted backpack to allows them to do homework at night without Kerosene.

7. Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods creates sleek urban bags and accessories from repurposed materials like bike inner tubes, seatbelts, and advertising banners. Their network of bike shops, individuals, and businesses helps them to source discarded materials and upcycle them into something new.  Since they were founded, Alchemy Goods has saved over 500,000 bike tubes from ending up in landfills.

8. Goodieco

Goodieco is an Australian natural skincare brand that uses only the highest grade, clean ingredients. They work closely with farmers and local suppliers to research and understand native flaura and botanical ingredients and focus on delivering formulations that nourish and nurture skin. Goodieco uses 98% sustainable glass and metal bottles, ships products in biodegradable packaging, and sources 70% of ingredients locally.

9. The Vegan Warehouse

The Vegan Warehouse is a female and minority-owned marketplace for affordable and curated vegan fashion and beauty. All products sold on The Vegan Warehouse are cruelty-free, are not tested on animals, and contain no animal by-products. A portion of all profits goes towards providing food and veterinary care to local animal sanctuaries.

10. Plant Faced Clothing

Plant Faced is a vegan streetwear brand that represents a growing movement in the fashion industry towards ethical practices, sustainable materials, and transparency in production. They are committed to supporting safe, humane, and ethical manufacturing practices, as well as using eco-conscious, organic and plant-based materials wherever possible. More than 75% of their products are made using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled water bottles and their designs are printed with water-based, nontoxic inks.

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