Vincent Parisi


Executive Assistant to Senior Leadership Team + Pride DEI ERG Co-Lead at Sezzle

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Staten Island, NY — In March, 2021, Vincent Parisi joined Sezzle, enthusiastically juggling an array of responsibilities as Executive Assistant to the Senior Leadership Team. Most recently, he became a Co-Lead for their DEI Pride Employee Resource Group. 

Hailing from New York, he was born and raised in Staten Island, which he still calls home. His passion for helping others and being of service has been a common thread throughout his career, from volunteering and working in the healthcare field, both locally and internationally, to keeping things running smoothly in demanding environments for corporate executives.

“My ambition, passion, tenacity and pride informs my work.”

“I came to Sezzle from PayPal, where I spent three and a half years.” While at PayPal, he also co-chaired the LGBTQ (Pride) Employee Resource Group (ERG) and oversaw educational programming, discussion panels, and entertainment. 

It may come to some of his colleagues’ surprise that, in addition to his administrative skills, he also has a very heavy background in dentistry. “From 2005-2016, Vincent worked with dentists, assisting doctors and staff in all technical, clinical and clerical matters. 

In 2013, Vincent served as a Volunteer/Student for Gap Medics, a provider of healthcare education programs for aspiring healthcare professionals, and a unique opportunity to gain clinical work experience overseas via intensive doctor-shadowing programs. He traveled to Tanzania, Africa, to participate in a medical program shadowing doctors in various fields and specialities in a third world setting, as well as volunteering at the local orphanage and hospital, offering his services. “I’m really inspired by two things: People’s personal struggles and children. I think when I see someone hurting extremely – whether it’s emotionally, physically, financially – there’s a swell inside of me that sympathizes with them and makes me want to help.” In this same spirit, Vincent has also been a volunteer for the Movember society since 2017, fundraising annually and even running the 2019 NYC Marathon on a whim in support of the organization.

Vincent has become a master at finding the perfect balance of juggling a heavy workload while infusing a sense of fun in a signature style all his own – a fusion of humor and sarcasm – into the environments he inhabits:

“There is definitely a correlation between laughter and trust. People tend to drop their guard and open up more and you can have a more genuine and honest conversation. I don’t think everything needs to be so buttoned-up and taken so seriously. It’s the best way to cut the tension and break the ice.” 

During his university days (which started at Stony Brook in 2007-2008 before transferring to Binghamton University, State University of New York, Harpur College), Vincent hosted and produced his own web radio show for Stony Brook WUSB FM. While at Binghamton, Vincent served as Comptroller for the student run ESCAPE Bus Company. Among his other duties there, he remarkably spearheaded a plan which eliminated an inherited $50,000 deficit.

Vincent graduated on a high note, earning a BA in English Literature and being named as one of Binghamton University Prospect Magazine‘s Top 50 Most Influential Students of 2011.

What does DEI mean to you?

Creating a safe space, but also allowing oneself to feel and be a part of something. DEI breaks down barriers and gets people to learn and grow from each other. It’s about spreading a message of acceptance and even though someone may be different than you, there’s probably a lot of common ground there when you dig down past the surface. If you enjoy me as a person and value my work and my opinions then I’m still me, but i just happen to be gay and that doesn’t change things and shouldn’t.

What are you most looking forward to with the Pride ERG?

Taking what I know so far and creating that safe space and community within the Sezzle family, but also looking to progress efforts and still learn more because everyone’s story and personal experiences within the LGBTQ+ community is uniquely different from my own. We’re here to help each other and lean on one another for support.

What are the qualities that make a good ally? 

Be a good listener. Be open and receptive. Be willing to defend and stand up for your friends and peers.  

What are you passionate about outside of work? 

I love music, dance and performing. I am by no means a singer (my family will attest to that!), but I just enjoy all creative aspects of life. And the beauty is, you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it.

Are there any fun facts about you and your journey that you’d like to share? 

I once committed so hard to a lip-synch contest that I was in a cast for a week… [I won though ;)]

That’s it?! You can’t leave us hanging on that one!

So I used to go to this NY dance class. Basically going so frequently I used to see the same people all the time. This created a new community and group of friends. They started hosting these lip sync battles at a nearby restaurant lounge. It was a big celebration with the competition sprinkled in between. I’d missed the first two battles due to a scheduling conflict, and there was a limited number of contestants who could enter, so I was shut out! When the time came, I was READY for this one. I even packed some props in case (microphone, fan, etc). I defeated my opponents in the first few rounds, and when we got to the final round, it was an all out lip sync with all the finalists, to the 2000 version of Lady Marmalade. Everyone was trying to show each other up, so it was hard to compete with a lot of personalities. I had the bright idea to step on what I thought was either an ottoman or a small lounge table that was maybe a foot and a half tall. Well, it was a bit wobbly and not completely stable, so when I jumped on there someone whizzed by me, I lost my balance and tried to push myself back up with my right foot, but in doing so I rolled it in and landed on it full force in that position, and jumped back up! I felt the pain immediately after the round ended. (I tried not to limp back up to the performance area, as I didn’t want the sympathy vote.) And…I won! The best part was we had a special host that night that crowned me – Lagoon Bloo – who is 1/3 of the Drag singing group Stephanie’s Child, featuring past RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, Jan and Rose!

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