Chelsea Dreven


Head of Enterprise Client Services + DEI Parents Co-Lead at Sezzle

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Columbus, OH — Sezzle’s Director of Enterprise Brand Partnerships, Chelsea Dreven, knows retail from the inside out. Her experience with international footprints in capacities ranging from retail ops and merchandising, payments, brand management, marketing, customer experience, loyalty programs and strategic consulting has been one of excellence, resulting in over a decade of collaboration with Fortune 500 retailers. Above all, it has been Chelsea’s big heart that shines through in everything she does.

Chelsea has observed that “as women in the industry we often don’t give ourselves enough credit.” She recalls a major turning point in her career when a relative urged her to stop selling herself short, helping her to create a resume that was truly reflective of her accomplishments. It is in this same spirit that she herself seeks out opportunities to sprinkle encouragement, empowering the women she meets along her path.

Likewise, she had the good fortune to have incredible mentors of her own. One of the most significant being Dr. Gregory Merrick, a world renowned prostate cancer specialist. In college she intended to pursue a career in medicine. She showed such great promise, that this path was all but set in stone. Together with Dr. Merrick, she served as a Student Research Extern, remarkably co-authoring a publication in The International Journal of Radiation/Oncology. Despite all her success, it was the very aspect that drew her to a career in medicine, helping others, that caused her to walk away. Coming to terms with the realities of the profession, and the limits of medicine, she couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to help all of her patients recover from a negative prognosis. 

Determining ways to tell a story through data has always been fun for Chelsea. Embracing her process-oriented, analytically-driven nature, she redirected her talents, ultimately going on to earn a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from the Fisher School of Business at Ohio State University. She worked in MillerCoors Promotional Sales, TEAM Enterprises for a year and a half before moving on to Abercrombie & Fitch Co, where she managed and oversaw operations for merchandising/communications of nine flagship stores in the US and around the world for nearly 4 years. She followed this accomplishment with over 5 years as Senior Strategic Account Manager at Alliance Data Card Services, where she was responsible for programs within the top 10 most profitable and visible brands within Alliance Data. 

People lacking access to products, services and information to fulfill their most basic needs – preventing them from maintaining a quality of life – that has always been something that’s weighed on Chelsea. This has compelled her to be actively engaged in bridging these gaps throughout her career and life. Joining Sezzle has served as a perfect complement to this goal, as this Public Benefit Corporation provides people with access to financial freedom, along with the necessary tools for one to become financially responsible. She feels fortunate to be connecting brand partners with a socially responsible way for their next generation of customers to pay. A mother to two young boys, she reflects on how profoundly being a mom can influence one’s perspective. Being able to lead by example, and be proud to share the work that she does with her children is extremely important to her, and her pride in her work at Sezzle measures up to these standards. Most recently, Chelsea launched and will Co-Lead a group for parents within DEI, which will serve as an additional layer of support and connection for Sezzlers juggling the demands of work and family life. 

Chelsea makes “Efficiency with heart” her MO. She juggles work with managing a household and a growing family, and credits her ability to do so with her aptitude for multitasking, maintaining her caring, service-oriented focus all the while.

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