Candice Ciresi


Chief Legal Officer at Sezzle

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Minneapolis, MN — Growing up, Candice Ciresi dreamed of becoming a superhero and bringing order to the chaos in other’s lives. Throughout the span of her career, she has done just that. She’s courageously broken barriers, stood up for what’s right and fostered a sense of community, uplifting others and bringing hope to countless lives. In the process, she has left a trail of good and a seemingly endless chain of accomplishments that could easily fill multiple lifetimes.

After growing up in South Carolina and Florida, she joined the United States Air Force seeking to broaden her opportunities. Traveling across the world to Iraq, Kuwait and Turkey, she became a decorated veteran. While serving in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, she made history. At a time when women weren’t allowed in combat, she was a skilled mechanic and a rare exception was made by putting her in a combat area. This was one hurdle she overcame of many. As one example, because of her female status, she could carry a weapon, but wasn’t allowed to shoot unless someone shot at her first! Despite everything, she tackled all with her trademark wit, smarts and determination, quickly gaining the respect and admiration of her colleagues. In addition, she continued her studies on the side, learning as much as she could about an array of topics, earning undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields including Psychology, Sociology and Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanics/Electronics, as well as becoming a member of Mensa. When her tour brought her to Turkey, she took up missionary work, helping Iraqi refugees who had endured so much, to heal and grow.

A pivotal moment in her life came on the battlefield. Each day, out in the blowing sands of endless desert and well within firing range, their opponents would make themselves completely vulnerable to attack, as they paused for their daily prayers. In turn, Candice and her unit would do the same. These moments of peace amidst the chaos of war deepened her faith, and lead her down a spiritual path. 

Upon returning home, she completed her vast array of studies, which culminated in receiving a Juris Doctorate in Corporate Law, along with numerous awards and honors. Her moving military tour experiences were never far from her mind, which inspired her to enroll in a seminary and become an ordained minister. She penned two books: Unpacking The Packrat: Moving from Worldly Possessions to Spiritual Pursuits (a guide empowering others to free themselves from societal baggage in order to find true peace and happiness) and Eve Was Framed (an enlightening tour through the Bible, inspiring the reader with a fascinating look at Scripture from a fresh perspective, which encourages finding the beauty in everything – even Brussels sprouts!).

She has worked as an advisor for Blacks United in Leading Technology, Intl, as a Campaign Committee member for the homeless shelter, Simpson Housing Services, and serves as a hospice chaplain. She has worked with teenagers for over 25 years. A mother of five, she has always instilled in her children the advice to not stress about being “the best,” but rather: “strive to be good because integrity screams louder than victory!” 

Candice joined Sezzle this past May as General Counsel, the Chief Legal Officer, bringing over twenty years of in-house and compliance experience. She thrives on helping companies empower the workforce, improve the company and build up the community. Inspired by Winston Churchill, she holds firm to the belief that one must be willing to stand for the right thing, even when it isn’t the most popular. 

From compliance to carburetors – Candice makes things run better.  With over twenty years in-house and compliance experience, she thrives on helping companies empower the workforce, improve the company and build up the community. With a law degree, a Master’s in Business Administration and some pretty impressive hockey skills, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to clean things up.

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