Top 10 Causes of Abandoned Carts

Paul Paradis, CRO and Co-founder, Sezzle

Abandoned Carts

One of the most significant contributors to lost sales in the eCommerce industry, cart abandonment, or shopping cart abandonment, refers to the chronic case of a visitor browsing an online store, adding an item to their cart, but leaving without making a purchase.

Even with the ever-evolving, dynamic landscape of the eCommerce sector, cart abandonment remains one of the biggest battles fought by digital marketers today. In fact, in the first half of 2019 alone, the global cart abandonment rate stood at a whopping 84.24%. But that doesn’t have to be true for your store. Most of the leading causes of abandoned shopping carts are within the control of the merchant.

Amidst the steep competition for consumers’ attention, eCommerce shops go to incredible lengths just to get shoppers to visit their stores, let alone add items to their carts; but, it turns out that getting shoppers to fill their virtual carts with products is the easy part. The hard part is getting them to see their user journey through to checkout.

There is a long list of conversion no-nos, but long or confusing checkout processes are one of the leading ones. With more than 84% of online shoppers abandoning their shopping carts, this wave of lost traffic should be on the forefront of every

eCommerce leader’s mind. No shopper journey is complete in a merchant’s eyes until they’ve passed through the gates of payment. No matter your retail vertical or business clout, with a sticky payment process you’re going to end up missing out on a lot of potential revenue.

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