More Than A Payment Alternative: BNPL Helps to Shape Responsible Spending and Budget Management

Sezzle shoppers feel responsible and in control of their spending habits thanks to the Pay in 4 platform.

Depending on who you ask, shopping can be interpreted as a run-of-the-mill errand, an opportunity to treat oneself, or a plan of action that is carefully budgeted. Well, if you were to ask Sezzle users, they’d say all of the above. That’s because Sezzle users strongly feel the Buy Now, Pay Later payment solution is a financially empowering tool that positively impacts their expenditure management. How do we know this? We indeed asked! Below are Sezzle shopper insights gathered with the help of Netfluential in October 2021. 

Study results show that Sezzle inspires its users to create and commit to budgets, therefore instilling responsible spending habits. An impressive 89% of surveyors agree that BNPL helps them to stay on top of their monthly budget, including saving money. Volatile financial ecosystem aside, that’s a powerful number of folks who feel confident in their budgeting. But it’s worth noting that the innovations we’ve seen in consumer shopping (during wildly unprecedented times, no less) have generated many positives. Not just in terms of convenience but also purchasing power. Ever since the emergence of BNPL, shoppers have greater financial leeway than before. Especially when it comes to shoppers who use Sezzle. Sezzle breaks up payments into installments, offering extra wiggle room for almost any budget, even increasing the amounts users are able to spend online or in-store. 

With the holidays approaching, there’s no better time than the present (see what we did there?) to plan for shopping — and Sezzle shoppers are already steps ahead. 78% of Sezzle users surveyed confirmed they already set budgets for the holidays. Nearly half of respondents even reported they started saving up for the gift-giving season much earlier than in previous years. When asked about 2021 holiday budgets compared to 2020, 64% of Sezzle users said they feel as though they have a larger budget this time around with the help of BNPL. In turn, Sezzle users can afford to increase holiday spending, rather than be up against a tight budget like last year. So, because BNPL leads to larger budgets, a majority of respondents believe that Sezzle as a payment method subsequently allows them to bump up spending on what they need. Better yet, 68% of Sezzle users feel strongly in their capabilities to stick to their 2021 holiday budgets. Our personal prediction? Sezzle users are going to have one heck of a fun holiday gifting season. 

This ability to make larger purchases or increase basket sizes is largely attributed to Sezzle’s flexible Pay in 4 model, which allows its shoppers to spread payments over time at zero percent interest. With Sezzle, there are no looming concerns about going into credit card debt. Financial security and confidence are powerful things to behold, and that’s exactly what Sezzle aspires to provide its users. We’re putting purpose into shopping!

The Bottom Line

The key takeaway: Sezzle users are responsible shoppers. This, of course, is no accident. As a B-Certified Corporation, financial wellness advocacy is a part of Sezzle’s DNA. Sezzle empowers its shoppers by way of responsible spending awareness, providing opportunities to build credit, and paving a way to achieving financial freedom regardless of credit score. Sezzle’s Buy Now, Pay Later model is a far cry from a “set it and forget it” tool. The Pay in 4 solution outlines payment schedules, as well as sends reminders and alerts regarding upcoming or completed payments. Knowledge is power, so the better-informed shoppers are about their spending habits, the better equipped they are to reach new heights in personal financial control.

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