What’s Your Money Personality?

Jackie Lam, Chime

Ever wonder what really drives your money decisions?

For example, when you get cash for your birthday, do you tend to spend it all at once, or tuck it away? Or, when money drops into your bank account on payday, what’s the first thing you do?

Just like how the Myers-Briggs personality test can reveal how you see the world and go about making decisions, your answers might be rooted in your money personality—and could help you uncover the “why” behind your financial habits.

So, which of the five money personalities says “it’s me”? Let’s dive in.

1. The Earner / or The Money Worshipper 🤑

You’re a money worshipper, no doubt. You’re constantly thinking up ways to increase your cash flow—by way of a side hustle, working toward that job promotion, or a sales bonus at work. To boost your earnings, it’s no surprise you’re inclined to hock everything from online referral codes to second-hand knick-knacks. 

  • What blisses you out: Having all the money to spend, save, and invest.
  • What stresses you: Personal obligations, and time or money constraints that get in the way of your earning potential.
  • What motivates you: The need to achieve and stack all the cash you possibly can.
  • The first thing you do when you get paid: You come up with a plan on divvying up those funds. 
  • Your strengths: Scheming up more ways to make it rain.
  • Your growing edge: While it’s good to know how essential money is to your happiness and well-being, you might run into the danger of being too number-obsessed. Instead, try shifting focus to your values and goals, and how money can help you align them.
2. The Avoider 🙈

You and money have never been the best of friends. It’s something that vanishes quickly at best, and at worst, a 24/7 worry that keeps you up at night. You avoid looking at your bank account at all costs. And your past experiences with banks and credit have most likely been unpleasant.

  • What blisses you out: Not having to think about anything money-related. Period.
  • What stresses you: When you’re forced to deal with your money situation. You’d much rather watch paint dry on a wall, or listen to your neighbor’s dog bark for hours straight.
  • What motivates you: Let’s be real: It’s the temporary relief of not having to deal with your money situation. Because pulling back the hood and seeing what’s really going on with your finances can be, well, stressful.
  • The first thing you do when you get paid: Usually, nothing. You might check to make sure your bank balance isn’t in the negative.
  • Your strengths: Not overanalyzing your finances. You usually don’t fret over every single purchase.

Your growing edge: By understanding the negative effects of not getting your money properly squared away, you can slowly inch toward being more hands-on.

3. Spendthrift 🛍

Your income is usually already spent before any funds hit your bank account. With an “I want it, and I want it now” mentality, you tend to dole out cash on purchases without thinking twice.

  • What blisses you out: Doing whatever you want with your money.
  • What stresses you: Budgeting, being accountable for your spending habits, and feeling restricted on what you can buy. 
  • What motivates you: Moving everything on your online wish list into the shopping cart.
  • The first thing you do when you get paid: Go on a mini-shopping spree. 
  • Your strengths: You’ve probably had some fun times, and enjoyed fine clothes, dined at swanky restaurants, and gone on some pretty cool trips.
  • Your growing edge: Being a spendthrift is fun—until it gets you into trouble. By not stashing any money away, you could fall into debt, or your credit could take a huge hit. It might not sound exciting, but try setting some limits on your spending, and come up with a budget that works for you.
4. The Hoarder 💰

You make an event out of getting your coins converted for dollars at the nearby Coinstar machine. Your money mantra is: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” You look back and carefully review almost all of your bank transactions.

  • What blisses you out: Plenty of cash to cover your bills and put toward your money goals. 
  • What stresses you: Not having enough in your emergency fund.
  • What motivates you: Your need for comfort and security. There’s no such thing as having too much stashed away. 
  • The first thing you do when you get paid: You squirrel it away, naturally. You set your money goals on auto-pilot, and examine every debit card transaction in your app.
  • Your strengths: When you get hit with an unexpected expense, your emergency fund is well topped off. Whether it’s losing your job or your cat getting unexpectedly sick and needing a vet visit, you usually have enough cash set aside to get through. 
  • Your growing edge: Your bank account might have more zeros at the end than your peers. Sure, it’s a champagne problem, but depriving yourself of purchases that make you happy isn’t a good thing, either. Seek balance.


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