Sleigh This Holiday: 8 Brilliant Holiday Shopping Hacks That’ll Save You Money and Stress

Ho-ho-holy cow it’s almost the holidays. While we don’t know how those 300 plus days come and go so quickly, we do know some of the best ways to get the most out of your holiday shopping. Below are helpful tips for a smooth shopping experience:

1. Don’t Blow Your Budget

After you’ve made a list of people to shop for (and checked it twice!) be sure to carve out a budget. Once that’s in place and you’ve divvied up spending for each person, stick to it! Overspending during the holidays, an already financially straining season, is a one-way ticket to headache town, population: you.

2. There’s No Such Thing As Shopping Too Early

Say what you will about retailers shoving the holidays in our faces months in advance, but now is actually the time to start your gift haul. You can easily beat the holiday rush (including crowds and shipping delays) by being proactive. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can wrap up shopping.

3. Keep Your Eyes On the Prize and Avoid Impulse Spending

When spending temptations are lurking everywhere this time of year, it’s crucial to practice self-control. Don’t grow attached to products that catch your eye and impulsively buy them. Otherwise, you’ll blow your designated holiday budget. The same goes for anything else frivolous. So do yourself a favor, make the pumpkin spiced lattes at home. 

4. Like and Subscribe to Retailers for All Things Deals

Scouring the internet for sales and deals can be tiresome. Make bargain-hunting easier on yourself by following retailers on social media or subscribing to their emails. This is by far one of the best ways to ensure you receive the most up-to-date news about very merry savings. 

5. Skip the Shipping Fees

Every dollar counts this time of year, and shipping fees can suck your budget dry. While it’s still best to knock out shopping as soon as possible, there is a dedicated Free Shipping Day on December 14th you can take advantage of. Whether you find alternative retailers that offer free shipping or earn free shipping by meeting a purchase minimum, avoid shipping fees at all costs!

6. Yes, Price Matching Still Exists and It’s Amazing

In case you forgot about the concept of price matching, here’s your reminder that it’s very much still a thing. Some retailers might be willing to honor the price of a product that another company sells at a lower price. So if your preferred retailer has a price match policy, don’t be afraid to ask! It’ll help to keep your purchases convenient and affordable.

7. Duplicate Gifts Aren’t Lazy, They’re Genius

If you have a large squad to shop for, duplicate gifts are actually pretty great for novelty and convenience purposes. Especially if there’s a hot commodity item (that’s affordable) that multiple people on your list want. Personalized gifts are another great “duplicate” idea. Like monogrammed jewelry, travel mugs, and other tangible gifts. For the pet parents in your lives, you can buy socks or blankets with pictures of their fur babies printed on them. Baked goods are always a hit too! 

8. When In Doubt, Sezzle it!

Sezzle is the perfect solution to getting more bang for your buck during the holidays. Instead of dropping who-knows-how-much money all at once, you can split payments over time when you shop online or in-store. And with Sezzle, you can discover deals across categories from over 40,000 brands. You’re bound to find something (and savings) for everyone on your list. To put it simply: gift now, pay later!

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