Yellow Beauty: The Gold Standard in Natural Skincare

Jaz Fenton co-founded Yellow Beauty alongside her husband Jamil after they became inspired by natural ingredients and developed a desire to create products that were kind to both your skin and the planet. Yellow Beauty is a cruelty-free skincare line that uses turmeric as an active ingredient.

Prior to launching Yellow Beauty, Jaz was introduced to the world of e-commerce through her work in product design at Shopify. “Learning about Shopify’s community of business owners really opened my eyes and I found myself yearning to join them! The idea of using my design skills to create something meaningful was really exciting.”

The pair started the brand’s line of products when they couldn’t find any skincare products on the market that used turmeric. Turmeric is a natural yet effective skincare ingredient that helped counteract the redness and breakouts that Jaz was experiencing at the time. “Jamil suggested turmeric and I was really intrigued! Coming from Bangladesh, he was introduced to the rich history of turmeric-based skincare through his family. The first product we created worked so well on our skin that we decided to share it.” Soon, Jaz and Jamil turned what started as personal skincare treatment into a flourishing business.

Pictured: Yellow Beauty founders Jaz Fenton and Jamil Bhuya

What makes Yellow Beauty different and unique?

We use turmeric in all of our products, which not only gives them a beautiful yellow color, but means they are full of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits! Curcumin, the primary bioactive substance in turmeric, works to reduce redness, brighten dark marks, even out skin tone, and protect you against free radicals.

What inspires you in your work?

Our customers inspire me every day. It truly makes my day to hear how our products are being enjoyed and loved around the world.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses?

Starting a business isn’t easy. I think if you go in with the mindset that there will be many ups and downs, then it’s easier to enjoy the ride.

Can you tell us about your commitment to helping end child marriage and why this is a cause that you’re passionate about?

One of Jamil’s fondest memories was attending the Holud (turmeric) ceremony at a family wedding in Bangladesh. Years later when we were creating our first product for Yellow Beauty, Jamil and his mother got to reminiscing. It was only then that Jamil learned how his grandmother was married at just 9 years old. Unfortunately, we also discovered that a third of the girls in Jamil’s homeland are married before their 18th birthday. These girls deserve a voice. They deserve to choose. That’s why we’re proud to contribute 10% of our profits to Plan International Canada, a global organization focused on advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.

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