Lead Registration

Thanks for recommending a merchant to Sezzle. We appreciate your due diligence in making sure we are the perfect fit for them and look forward to the opportunity to work with them. Please review the below guidelines before submitting a referral.

Lead guidelines:
  1. Confirm that you have spoken with a current client and have given them an overview of Sezzle and how our product will benefit them.
  2. If the client has expressed interest in learning more about Sezzle, then proceed to the next step.
  3. Sezzle can support most merchants except for those in industries such as weapons, drugs, pornography, and other explicit products. 
  4. Gather all the information needed to fill out the form on the right for the Sezzle sales team. Do not leave fields blank.
What’s next:
  1. Once you fill out the form, hang tight and we’ll reach out to you soon.
  2. We’ll have one of our Sales leads partner with you to advance the lead with the client.
  3. We’ll go above and beyond to uphold your trust! Have questions? Feel free to contact your partner manager.

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